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Option Payments just got a lot easier…

Buyer’s Agent Enters Contract Information

Buyer’s Agent Enters Contract Information

Simply enter a few details about the transaction to get started.

Buyer’s Agent Enters Contract Information
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Buyer Pays the Option Payment Online

Buyer Pays the Option Payment Online

Buyer receives email with payment instructions and easily submits their option fee*.
Accepted Credit Cards
* Subject to Service Use Fee
** Lender may require payment by debit card

Buyer Pays the Option Payment Online
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Listing Agent Accepts Delivery

Listing Agent Accepts Delivery

Quickly accept and electronically sign to receipt for option fee. TREC receipt page is automatically generated and sent to both transaction agents.

Listing Agent Accepts Delivery
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Seller Redeems Option Money

Seller Redeems Option Money

Seller receives email with directions to conveniently receive their funds.

Seller Redeems Option Money

Full of features and accessible from your

desktop, tablet or mobile device.

  • Starting A New Transaction
    Enter transaction information in just a few simple steps.
    Starting A New Transaction
  • Transactions & Receipts
    Review, manage and track all of your active and past transactions and receipts.
    Transactions & Receipts
  • My Account
    Securely store all of your contract and broker information for faster transactions.
    My Account
  • Alerts and Notifications
    Get in-app updates and emails each step of the way
    Alerts and Notifications

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* Buyer's Option Fee is subject to a Service Use Fee

Here are some common questions about GoOptionPay.

Is GoOptionPay Secure?

GoOptionPay utilizes state-of-the-art security in both physical and software-related aspects. We use TLS and HTTPS to ensure secure transmission of your data. In addition, your Sensitive Personal Identifying Information is never stored on our servers. We maintain training of our personnel, service patches on our servers, firewalls, backups and reserve the right to install other measures where we see fit.

Can the buyer pay option money with a debit or credit card?

If purchasing with a mortgage loan, most lenders may prefer payment with a debit card, although credit cards are accepted by GoOptionPay.

What if the seller/listing agent refuses to accept delivery of option payment?

Then a refund will be issued from GoOptionPay.

How will seller receive payment?

Seller will receive an email with a set of instructions on how to quickly receive the money.

Is this approved by TREC?

TREC does not reference any delivery method over another. GoOptionPay guarantees option money funds to the seller.

Can the buyer retract funds to seller?

No. Buyer is paying a non-refundable option fee to the seller through GoOptionPay. GoOptionPay guarantees option fee to the seller.

Can GoOptionPay work in other states?

Texas is the first state to use GoOptionPay for option payments and we will launch in other states in the near future. Contact us to be the first to know when GoOptionPay is available in your state.

I'm having trouble logging in.

Be sure you're using your Texas real estate license number as your user name and correct password. If you've forgotten your password, the please use the option to reset your password. If this doesn't help, please send us an email at, so we can help you.

How long does the process take?

The process to pay, deliver, receipt & receive the option fee can take minutes. However, it depends on how quickly each party checks their email and completes their part of the process.

When should the option payment be sent?

We've made this process so simple, we think you should send the option fee as soon as possible after executing a real estate contract. We advise against waiting until the evening of the final day to deliver the option fee.

What if the seller was notified that the digital check was already retrieved when trying to reopen it from the email?

The seller will need to call Support @ 877-333-6964 while in front of the email.

Does the seller need a printer?

In order to retrieve the check instantly, the seller will need to be able to print from the device they used to open the email from GoOptionPay. If no printer is available, GoOptionPay can mail a check to the seller.

Do agents using GoOptionPay need to follow up with their clients and transacting agent?

It's in the best interest of your clients to follow up with them to make sure they received emails, just as you would with any other correspondence.

How do I save a link to GoOptionPay on my home screen?

Go to, then use your device's “save to home screen” feature.

Why am I not receiving my emails from GoOptionPay?

Please make sure to add to your contacts.
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